Toccalmatto & Caulier 28

Birreria in Emilia romagna

Toccalmatto, in collaboration with our parent company, Caulier 28, produce top quality artisanal beers in the region of Emilia-Romagna, land of gastronomic excellence, where tradition meets innovation. Since 2008, our passion and knowledge have allowed us to build a team of specialized technicians who, through the use of selected raw materials and modern technologies, are able to brew high quality products that not only make you fall in love with the taste but also have peculiar characteristics that provide added value to the customer. Ours can be define as "Living beers", unfiltered and refermented after packaging, donating characteristics of maturation and greater stability throughout the conservation period. Our performance in national and international events and trade shows, in addition to the awards received from RateBeer reinforce awareness of our products quality amongst our customers. Toccalmatto specializes in IPAs and Belgian tradition beers, but always with an Italian style guide. In our brewery, we also produce the “28” product line - a pioneer in gluten-free and low carb beers – catering to the healthy segment of the market with products of excellent quality and taste.

Zona Cesarini

Pacific IPA


Session IPA

28 Pils


28 Super

Belgian Ale

28 Ipa


28 Blonde

Belgian Ale


Double IPA

Fistful of Hops

Pale Ale

Renard Roux

Belgian Ale


Golden Ale